Stay Sane Mommies

"The worst feature of a new baby is its mother's singing." — Kin Hubbard


Every once in a while you hear a song that gets right into your gut…and it shakes the emotions you’ve repressed for so long. Awakening the monster within that’s so … Continue reading

May 22, 2016 · Leave a comment

I Hate You, Parenting Articles

I read parenting advice from all different perspectives. And with each paragraph I read I shake my head and realize I’ve been doing it all wrong. At the end of … Continue reading

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Unleashing My Inner Hulk

When Jacob whines, I want to grab a chair and throw it through the window. When he has a tantrum, I want to have my own tantrum too. I want … Continue reading

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THREE Ways This Pregnancy Is Different from the First

In case my 700+ blog followers don’t know yet, we’re PREGNANT! Before you read on, just know that I AM excited about it. The following post is just about my … Continue reading

September 18, 2014 · 1 Comment

Hateful Letter Written to Neighbour with Autistic Son

Below is a picture of a letter that a mother in the Durham area wrote to a neighbour with an autistic son. It’s hateful and disturbing. She did not sign … Continue reading

August 20, 2013 · 12 Comments

I Love My Journal

If I didn’t have my journal, I’d be lost. It’s the ear that listens without judgment. A place for me to catalog all my thoughts and feelings. I can go … Continue reading

May 29, 2013 · 2 Comments

Some Say I’m Ignorant for Believing in God

I’ve been given a sharper sight. Life has become simplistic. Stresses have shrunk away, becoming dust bunnies under the fridge. Since handing over my worries to God, and asking him … Continue reading

May 13, 2013 · 9 Comments